Saturday, 15 October 2011

Renew You

The Renew You 14 day intensive skin rejuvenating programme harnesses the very latest in anti-ageing skincare ingredients and unique delivery systems. It is a two week, morning and evening regime of 19 treatments that have been proven to dramatically improve the hydration, smoothness and brightness of your skin in just a fortnight. There are two programmes to choose from, Rejuvenating or Repairing.

Although I don't need anti-ageing products just yet I wanted to try the Pure Radiance as my skin has been getting dry as the weather has changed. I have almost completed the 14 day prgramme and I can definately see a difference in my skin, it looks brghter and clearer. The regime is easy to follow with a guide to show you which of the 19 treatments to use each day.

*This product is not tested on animals

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