Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Forest Secrets

The Forest Secrets Personalised Skincare System is a capsule collection of "super serums" made with a unique combination of ultra-active, 100% natural and organic botanicals. Blending the products within the system together puts you in control of your skin's ever-changing needs and enables you to respond to environmental changes to really maximise the results of your skincare regime.

For more youthful looking skin there is the Anti-Ageing Starter Pack containing the iRejuvinate Plus Elixir and iRejuvinate Plus Serum, but I went for the Anti-Blemish Starter Pack (both retail at £70 - 2 x 15ml) which helps even out skin tone and deals with blemishes. To use, I blend the iRejuvinate Plus Elixir and the iBright Serum and apply all over my face, although you can concentrate on specific areas, before applying my moisturiser. This keeps my complexion looking even and doesn't get oily at all throughout the day so I definately recommend Forest Secrets!

If you you want to test the products to find out which combination is best for your skin there is the Try Me Set which contains mini's of each of the three products.

Forest Secrets can be purchased from www.forestsecretsskincare.com and at Urban Retreat at Harrods as of the 30th November both in-store and online.

*This product is not tested on animals.

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