Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Turner Prize

Congratulations to sculptor Martin Boyce, who was announced as the winner of this year's Turner Prize last night at the Baltic in Gateshead. 
His sculpture involves lopsided litter bins, rusting benches taking on irregular shapes, square trees, leaves with brutally straightened edges scattered on the floor and sharp, haphazard letters of the alphabet cascading down the walls. Virtually everything is made with straight lines and angles, with no organic curves.
Asked about his fascination with objects from public spaces like parks, he said it was about "hope" and finding "the beauty in the abject". "Often it's abandoned landscapes or these more abject landscapes that appeal to me because in a very particular moment in a particular light you can see something beautiful in them, and that interests me," he says. "It's a collapse of nature and architecture."

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