Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Aggugini Gets Up Close and Personal

Whilst developing this season’s new designs full of intricate details and elaborate constructions, in his London studio Kinder Aggugini began to consider the context in which a collection is shown. Although he recognizes the impact created by the spectacle of grand shows, he felt a need to revisit the intimacy of fashion and play up the magic of putting the audience in direct contact with the looks. Thus decided to adapt his show space fittingly.
For Kinder, the decision for such a format comes from a desire to return the focus of the show to the clothes, harking back to the atelier shows of the 1940s and 1950s. Clothes with such tiny and intricate details require an environment where the audience can fully admire and appreciate them up close, without additional props and elaborate scenes.
This High production Salon show calls for a luxurious venue flooded with natural daylight. The Grand Gallery of Il Bottaccio provides such a luxurious setting, The venue will hold 200 guests (as opposed to the usual 600), seated in close proximity to allow them to see every seam, the quality of each material, and the craftsmanship of each dress as it swishes past them.

“In a time when high fashion is moving mass market, intimacy seems the way to display luxury,” says Kinder.

Kinder Aggugini will present his Autumn / Winter 2011 collectin as an intimate Salon show at Il Bottaccio in London on Saturday February 19th.

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